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Satellite projects group other artistic projects by Jesús Nieto that embrace different disciplines like: Cinema, plastic arts, sensory facilities, literary production or edition workshops.

UtOpÍa Cartagena

U t O p í a  es el laboratorio de creación de OM, en la ciudad de Cartagena (Murcia. España). 500 metros cuadrados dedicados a la creación contemporánea y a la investigación de nuevas formas de artes en vivo. Allí se muestran los espectáculos e instalaciones de OM así como de otros artistas afines al lenguaje poético, se realizan talleres de formación e investigación y es el banco de pruebas de las nuevas propuestas. Si estas interesado en colaborar con U t O p Í a  Cartagena o quieres recibir todas nuestras actividades escribe

Illusion Techniques (Workshop)

Val del Omar said: “The public is nothing more than a big kid in love with the extraordinary” and I cannot agree more. But, how do you create the extraordinary on a stage? How do we make our small representation turn into a magical experience? Illusion Techniques is presented as a workshop that invites us to look into the depths of the magicians hat to discover small and new on stage illusion techniques done with objects.

objetivos del milenio

STORIES OF THE MILLENIUM: X, la Incógnita de Abel (Documentary)

STORIES OF THE MILLENIUM Produced by elsotano.doc BEST SHORT FILM DOCUMENTARY AWARD, FINESTRAT FESTIVAL. BEST EXTREMODOC DOCUMENTARY AWARD, INTERNATIONAL EXTREMADURA DOCUMENTARY FESTIVAL. OBJETIVOS DEL MILENIO (GOALS FOR THE MILLENIUM) – ODM 2: UNIVERSAL PRIMARY EDUCATION Huachipa is a desert full of dust and sand east of Lima, Peru. A dust that Abel, age 14 who works in a brick factory, breathes in every day. His shift starts at six in the morning, he goes to school in the afternoon. While in the classroom he hides his right hand that is full of calluses and larger than that of other children. His hand throbs; he is a hard worker. Abel is a good student, he is passionate about mathematics. With barely enough time to study he faces his final exam. He needs to pass in order to change his future.